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Online store

According to the statistics, the amount of online sales is in a continuous rise, more people chosing this way from diverse reasons (you save time, it’s more comfortable, you don’t have to go through diferent stores to look for what you want etc).
Creating and maintaining an online store requires a smaller investment than opening a real store.
If you already own a store, the online store will help you raise your clients number, having the possibility of delivering your products all over the country, not just to the clients nearby your store. An online store is a cheap way of publicity, and helps you wident your clients portofolio and also to develop your business.

Down below you can find the main caracteristics of an online store:
- unlimited number of pages
- structured into categories and subcategories
- personalized design(template, logo, etc)
- unlimited number of products inserted in the catalog
- unlimited number of photos
- products description
- for each product you can add multiple images
- the possibility of defining the atributes (model, size, color, etc)
- photo gallery administrated by you
- data base
- data base
- banners module
- display of the currency
- preoptimized for Google
- visitors statistics
- online order form
- easy to use administration module
- orders management
- site installation on server
- shopping cart
- creating email adresses
- creating contact form
- the possibility of taxes insertion
- the possibility of couriers insertion
- the possibility of manufacturers insertion
- the possibility of suppliers insertion
- the possibility of having promotion for a certain amount of time


Estimative price: starting with 2200 RON.

For the personalized offer, please contact us

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